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Shopy PRO Review: The Best Plugin for Woocommerce Checkout

The first thing I do, and I believe you too, when I have a problem is to see if there is a free plugin or a piece of code that solves the problems.

Sometimes I happened to spend more time in research and tests even knowing that I had already found the solution even if it was not “free”.

Shopipro is also reviewed in the special Ranking of the Best WordPress Woocommerce Plugins

Well, the time is money. I want to tell you how to solve the problem of direct checkouts and the abandoned cart with a single plugin. ALL IN ONE with Shopipro.

Are you ready ? Let’s start!

Because free checkout plugins often don’t work with Woocommerce

Before coming to this conclusion you have no idea how many free checkout plugins I tried but they all had the same conclusions:

  • do not give the desired effect
  • they solve one problem but create another
  • partially solves the problem but cannot be customized

Often this problem becomes real when you start creating your site on WordPress and Woocommerce, which initially seems complete, but when you get to work on the cart you notice that you need something more.

Woocommerce unlike Shopify is a WordPress extension made to transform your blog or website into a full-fledged E-Commerce and with great flexibility

However, this extreme flexibility requires you to personally take care of the customer’s graphic aspect and user experience and many other details.

Let’s face it, the basic Woocommerce cart settings are very limited, which is why you need a reliable and complete plugin that simplifies things for you.

How Shopipro was born

Shopipro was born thanks to a market research done by Italian programmers who have never particularly liked “basic” Woocommerce and have always looked favorably on (and in part envied) the purchase speed that is on Shopify.

If for a simple blog the layout parameters to be observed are few, for an e-commerce, which aims to convert visitors into customers and then fans, there are many more obstacles.

A fluid, easy and fast cart is one of the most important components that gives the customer confidence in the purchase phase.

This especially in the initial phase when a customer base and its own Brand Awareness are not yet available (knowledge and authority of the brand).

For all these reasons, this team has decided to join their minds and create something that until today was not there, namely to bring the Cool part of Shopify to Woocommerce.

Many years of experimentation have created a high critical sense in them, so the Shopipro plugin is not limited only to speeding up the shopping cart but also to solving many other flaws you always encounter when you are setting up your E-Commerce.

Above all, the recovery of abandoned carts, which also works without an autoresponder.

In fact, the abandoned cart also works only with the WordPress responder and you have the possibility to edit the text as you like, the subject of the email and the sender for a perfect remarketing action.

If you are looking for an abandoned cart plugin suitable for Mailchimp or Active Campaign, don’t worry as it can be perfectly integrated.

Aesthetics of Shopify but for Woocommerce: The main features

The Shopipro Plugin is the best booster for optimizations when purchasing on Woocommerce.

Unless your name is Amazon, you need to amaze your possible customers, so that in addition to the sold object, the entire purchase process is satisfied. Here are the main features of Shopipro:

The Plugin with the 100% Customizable Shopping Cart: The Price

Another good news, when you are about to choose how to set up your business one of the most important thoughts is the starting budget.

For example, the difference between Woocommerce and Shopify lies precisely in the price. Woocommerce is totally free while Shopify is by subscription.

If you also don’t like subscriptions and want to be more free to choose, I anticipate that Shopipro is the one for you.

In fact, you pay it only once, for only $ 69. This price is intended for life for a domain, including all the updates that are there and will be in the future.

So unlike other plugins that periodically, at least once a year need to be renewed, this plugin is incredibly only for once.

Shopipro Warranty and Refund

Versione freemium o gratuita per testare il plugin di checkout woocommerce ? 

Il plugin Shopipro non prevede una versione freemium  ma ti da’ direttamente il plugin completo di tutti gli optional.

E se non mi trovo bene ? 

Se non ti trovi bene richiedi facilmente il rimborso garantito entro 30 giorni, dove trovi i ragazzi dell’assistenza pronti e veloci a risponderti.

Questo metodo è ottimale proprio per evitare di iniziare ad impostare il carrello e scoprire che manca un opzione perché è a pagamento, oppure non puoi fare una determinata cosa perché non è inclusa etc etc.

Così testi tutto e se non ti piace non è un problema, ti anticipo anche che il tasso di abbandono di Shopipro una volta provato è sotto il 2% e non è da tutti…

Questo significa prendere un plugin che risponde bene a tutti i classici problemi di configurazione di Woocommerce.

Freemium or free version to test the woocommerce checkout plugin?

The Shopipro plugin does not include a freemium version but gives you the plugin complete with all the options.

What if I don’t feel well?

If you are not feeling well, easily request a guaranteed refund within 30 days, where you will find the assistance boys ready and quick to answer you.

This method is optimal precisely to avoid starting to set up the cart and discovering that an option is missing because it is paid, or you cannot do a certain thing because it is not included etc etc.

So you test everything and if you don’t like it it’s not a problem, I also anticipate that the Shopipro abandonment rate once tried is below 2% and is not for everyone…

This means taking a plugin that responds well to all the classic Woocommerce configuration problems.

Conclusion Review of the Best Checkout Plugin for Woocommerce

Here we are at the conclusion of this review. If you came here to read you could see how complete this Woocommerce Direct Checkout Plugin is.

If you have not probably come this far, you are already consuming the pages of the Official Shopipro Website to dispel any doubt that this is exactly what you need.

And did you find other solutions or do you have any suggestions to enrich this article? Write it to me in the comments I can’t wait to read them all.

In the meantime, I salute you, see you soon


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