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Hi and Welcome, I am Daniele Grimaldi and I am an SEO consultant and Digital Marketer.

I deal with improving the online presence of companies, through communication strategies with social media, tailored pay per click campaigns and of course SEO for search engine optimization.

But more specifically, an SEO consultant who performs tasks or activities?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization or best practices aimed at improving the ranking on Google and the main search engines.

An SEO consultant is a professional figure who works in the digital world, who takes charge of the company’s Brand Awareness and studies together with the entrepreneur the corrections and actions necessary to increase their visibility on the Web.

Nowadays, putting a site online is something that has now become quite easy, but getting it to be first on Google is not at all obvious.

Google itself considers it essential that at least one person or a team of people, depending on the size of the company, work on the SEO aspect of their site.

Why does Google want you to work on the SEO side of your site?

For Google it means being able to give the best user experience to its customers with high quality, fast and performing sites. Only sites that properly take care of all aspects of the SEO side will have the opportunity to be on the first page on Google and therefore be visible.

Why is it important to be first on Google?

To answer this question I will make you a reasoning. When you search and can’t find what you are looking for on the first page, do you go look at the second page of Google? Or how 99% of people rephrase the question?

This explains why being online and doing it well is essential to have visibility, on the other hand, there are only 10 places on the front page.

What are the advantages of SEO

  • Improve your visibility on search engines
  • Increase visits to your website
  • Increase the sales of your services or products
  • Give a rewarding user experience to improve your brand
  • Improve the speed of your site
  • Become a leader in your sector also in the digital world
  • Improve performance on mobile to be found even by those who search on the go

Have you ever verified that your site has all the necessary features to become number one on the Google SERP? Request a free consultation now here

Why rely on an SEO Consultant

There are two ways that bring visibility to your site.

The first concerns pay per click ads where you can immediately position yourself in the very first positions by paying a payment to Google in exchange for visits.

This road is advisable to take it at the beginning of a path to create your own audience and increase brand awareness, then it is correct to use it for specific and temporary promotions.

The second way, on the other hand, is SEO. It is a road that usually takes longer, but in the medium / long term it brings traffic to your site in a 100% free way, without having to continue paying for your visibility.

I want to clarify that SEO is not science fiction or magic but rather the use of tools and techniques appropriately on the subject.

The parameters to be met in Google’s eyes are not few and putting them into practice independently often does not repay the effort in terms of hours of learning.

It thus becomes a necessity to rely on an SEO consultant, who already has the necessary knowledge to save you time and money of training, thus being able to concentrate on your business focus.

Cosa posso fare per te

SEO Optimization 

ottimizzazione seo servizi

I use SEO optimization, to increase the position on search engines, visibility and consequently sales.

Pay Per Click Campaign

campagne ppc servizi

I create, plan and manage advertising campaigns aimed at increasing highly interested and profiled traffic to your products or services.

Website Creation

creazione siti web blog e-commerce landing page

I build websites, showcase sites, landing pages, in various formats from simple blogs to e-commerce.

SEO Audit – FREE

SEO Audit servizi

I carry out the necessary tests to check the health of your website which can slow down your digital growth.

Social Media Marketing

gestione social media marketing servizi

I create an ad hoc editorial plan to increase the following, sharing and brand reputation in the eyes of your audience.

SEO Local

I create an online presence that increases the awareness of your brand and gives the possibility to be found locally.

What are your goals? Where do you think you need to intervene to optimize your site’s SEO side? If you still have unclear ideas, request a free consultation now also in the digital world

Why choose me as an SEO consultant

In all the works managed up to now I have always been recognized as resourcefulness, clarity and transparency.

By firmly believing in my professionalism and in my work these adjectives have become part of my mantra. 

I have always treated all the projects as if they were mine above all to be able to identify myself best in the business idea that is proposed to me.

Each project is tailored to give even more uniqueness to the business idea. Also to create greater knowledge and synergy of intent I offer:

Shared statistics

I carry out analyzes and reports that are shared with the entrepreneur monthly to constantly check the current trends and the progress of the campaigns, in order to create greater awareness and achieve objectives together

SEO Coaching  

On request, I carry out SEO coaching sessions on basic techniques to create content, if once the mission is completed the entrepreneur wants a specialized team directly within the company.

Request a free consultation now and find out what you need and what improvements your company needs to become leaders in the digital world

My origins

I’ve been part of my working life in businesses that never filled my heart until I chose to focus on myself and do what I’ve always wanted.

Turn your passion for technology into a job … The transition from Nerd to Professional is sometimes short😁

I am a digital Marketer who takes care of observing aspects related to the online world, if you want to say it in Italian, I am a “FACILITATOR” who deals with helping companies and entrepreneurs to carry out a clear and efficient strategy to enter digital.

I love working with WordPress and Elementor to create beautiful and enchanting websites or landing pages.

But in digital the graphic aspect is not everything, at the base it takes substance and for this you must always study, get informed, be curious and constantly enrich your cultural background.

Over the years I have tried to improve my ability to offer my customers knowledge and avant-garde more and more.

In 2013 I got the first master’s degree that opened my eyes to the huge digital opportunities, shortly after finding out what my future career would be.

In 2017 I specialized in SEO, acquiring the techniques and knowledge necessary for search engine optimization.

In 2019 I obtained the Google Digital Training certification through IAB Europe, which allows to better include the dynamics of offline companies and help them in digitization.

google digital training
the open university

Request a free consultation now and find out what you need and what improvements your company needs to become leaders in the digital world


“Where can you find me? Physically in Milan, Digitally in the World”

They say about me

Danilo M.
Danilo M.
Read More
Daniele has been very competent from the first approach. It was clear in exposing his project after carrying out a scrupulous analysis of our needs. We are very happy with the results we are achieving!
Lorenzo C.
Lorenzo C.
Read More
Although I think I didn't spend much time explaining my project to him, Daniele understood in 5 minutes what I had in mind and managed to turn it into something tangible
Filippo P.
Filippo P.
Read More
Excellent service and serious professional. Always available and punctual in the development of shared themes.
Jessica P.
Jessica P.
Read More
Great job, professional and made on time. I will definitely take advantage of other services.
Serena G.
Serena G.
Read More
Daniele is a competent, reliable and very helpful professional. A point of reference for all SEO needs. We have been collaborating with him for a short time and we have already seen excellent results

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